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How To Create A Simple But Gorgeous Vignette

A simple vignette can add so much to a room. Inspired by the season or the holidays, your favorite vintage pieces, your love for the ocean, or your family. Style with what you love. Today, I’m going to teach you how to create a simple but gorgeous vignette.

Is there a space in your home that needs a little work?  You’ve added a few of your favorite pieces but it just doesn’t look right.  A vignette can be created on a nightstand, an ottoman in your living room, a bookshelf, a corner in your kitchen – virtually any space in your home.

Here are a few simple tips to get you started.  

Choose the Space – Choose the space then decide if there are any items you want to keep in that space or if it’s time to start with a clean slate, a fresh look.  If you’re decorating an entryway table you may want to keep your favorite vase on the table and remove the other items.

Do you have an idea or theme for your vignette?  A vignette inspired by the season or holiday – Autumn, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  Or a rustic or vintage look.  Maybe it’s your love for the ocean or your favorite sport.  Whatever it is – style with what you love.

Sunflower design

Here’s a list of items often used in vignettes, when decorating a table or with a tray.  You’ll see,

  • books
  • candlesticks
  • vases
  • greenery or fresh flowers
  • picture frames, and
  • fun oddities or trinkets.

There are many items you can use.  I often create vignettes on trays or table runners – in a confined space or area of our home, i.e., a nightstand, the dining room table, or in the corner of a room.

Decorate with odd numbers – the rule of threes.  Grouping items in odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye.

The color palette – keep the colors simple.  Pull colors from the room.  Use a few varying shades similar to the colors of the room.  Add a bright unexpected color to give the room a pop of color.

Use different textures, shapes, and heights in your vignette.   

  • Textures – soft, coarse, smooth, woodsy – textures are natural items too,
  • Shapes – use different shapes like a round or square vase or a wooden box,
  • Vary the heights – stacking books will provide height to elevate a vase or candles, and
  • Natural Items – Natural items are a must in your vignette too. Pine cones, moss balls, seashells, wooden boxes, and baskets are just a few natural items you could use.

Simple steps to style a gorgeous vignette –

I designed this vignette for an ottoman in my client’s living room.  The room has a lot of natural light and is decorated in white, neutral color tones, and blue accents. I used a rustic wooden tray and laid burlap material on the tray to add texture to the vignette. My client wanted to add a pop of color to the room and transition from late Summer to early Fall.  The white pitcher full of sunflowers is the primary focus.  It gives the design height and the large sunflowers provide the pop of color my client was looking for.  I added ivy and feathers to the arrangement also.

I stacked books to give the birch candles height and set the timer on the candles. 

The glow of the candles adds warmth to the vignette in the evenings.

The wicker pumpkin, small pine cones, and soft ivory pumpkin add texture.  I love the color, shape, and texture of the vase used in her design.  I filled the vase with a natural element – the corks.

The design is finished.  It’s simple yet beautiful.

Here’s another great design.  

A simple Vignette

A simple vignette for your kitchen.

This pretty white lantern is the perfect size for a corner on your kitchen counter.  The lantern is the primary focus of this grouping.  I designed an autumn swag of olive branches, ivy, curly branches, pumpkins, and a black and white checked bow.  It’s gorgeous!

I added pumpkins, pods, and pine cones to the rustic cake stand and placed a soft ivory pumpkin and blue gourd on the counter. The soft colors work well in this kitchen.

I have several textures, shapes, and heights in this grouping.  The pine cones, pods, and pumpkins add great textures. The round shape of the cake stand and the rectangle shape of the lantern add to the vignette too.

The candle in the lantern, the swag on the lantern and the pumpkins, and the pine cones on the cake stand add varying heights to this design. What a fun design!

Now you have the basics of designing a beautiful vignette for your home.  Share pictures of your vignette.  I’d love to see your design.

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