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The Season of Advent

I love this time of year, spending time with family and friends, Christmas music, shopping and decorating, the preparation for the holiday.  But – Christmas is more than just holiday music, Christmas lights, and shopping.

It’s Advent.  But what is Advent?

Advent’s a time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Lord.

The Advent Wreath is a symbol of the four weeks before the celebration of the Lord’s birth on Christmas.  The wreath along with the candles on the wreath is rich in tradition, full of meaning.

Christians celebrate the season of Advent by putting an Advent Wreath in their homes.  An Advent Wreath has four candles.  Three are a deep purple color and one is pink.  The candles represent the four weeks of Advent.  Flame or Flameless candles can be used.

The evergreens or greenery of the wreath represent continuous life, and the round shape of a wreath – the circle, is a sign of everlasting life.  The purple candles represent a time of prayer, sacrifice, and penance and the pink candle represents joy.

Advent wreath Advent season

The first week of Advent only one candle is lit – a purple candle.  The candles are lit each day, usually when the family gathers for a meal.

Each week an additional candle is lit.  The first and second weeks a purple candle is lit, the third week the pink candle is lit and the fourth week the last purple candle is lit with the other candles.

The wreath is a reminder of the holiness of the season – the “reason” for the season. 

Do you celebrate the Advent season in your home?  Share pictures of your Advent wreath.

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Happy Holidays.