DIY – Festive Fall Centerpiece

Are you ready for Fall?  

Fall has arrived and it’s the perfect time to make a Fall Centerpiece for your table.  Just keep reading and I’ll show you the steps to make this autumn table arrangement and give you great tips about designing with fresh flowers!!

 First, let’s start with the flowers and greenery.

You can easily make centerpieces with flowers picked from your garden or from the local grocery store.  You may have ivies and branches in your yard that’ll work great too.

For this arrangement, I used pretty orange alstroemerias, gorgeous yellow spider mums, and burgundy red baby carnations with Ruscus Israeli and Aspidistra leaves.

Not familiar with Alstroemeria?

It’s a piece of cake to recognize an Alstroemeria. Alstroemerias are beautiful flowers with a very delicate look and markings.  They are common at most grocery stores and come in a variety of colors.  Other names are the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas.

Spider mums are breathtaking and have a very striking appearance.  Also known as fuji mums, these mums can last 14 to 21 days in arrangements.  Yellow spider mums are bright and cheerful.

Pretty Red Carnations

Add a splash of color, we used the burgundy red mini carnations in our arrangement.  They also work as a filler in the arrangement.

Now for some tips on Greenery!

Israeli Ruscus

I used Israeli Ruscus in our arrangement. It’s dark green in color, has a firm stem and enhances floral arrangements.  It’s beautiful!  Israeli ruscus is usually sold as part of a bunch of mixed ivies at your local grocery store.

Beautiful-Tropical-AspidistraAspidistra leaves are gorgeous.  I think they’re elegant!  Aspidistra leaves are long and shiny. The average length is 18 to 21 inches.  Florists use the long leaves in arrangements and to line vases to hide flower stems.   Aspidistra leaves are dark green or variegated green and white.

An alternative to fresh Aspidistra leaves — is water-resistant leaf ribbon.  You can find the leaf ribbon at Afloral, at Michaels, and at Quick Candles

Image by Afloral


Now – let’s get started!  Creating a fresh flower arrangement is easier than it looks.

For this festive centerpiece you’ll need:

  • 1 vase.  I used a square glass vase. (5″ by 5″)
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors or cutting knife
  • Fresh flowers from your flower garden or the local grocery store.  Purchase 2 or 3 bunches of flowers from the store.  Most bouquets come with the greenery you’ll need for this centerpiece.
  • Greenery.  You may have the perfect greenery in your backyard.  Do you have hydrangea bushes or eucalyptus branches in your yard?  Even boxwood branches can be used.  Ivies and branches from your yard or the local grocery store will work perfectly.

Gather your supplies –

You’ll find an assortment of vases at Target, Wholesale Flowers and Supplies, and Save on Crafts or your local craft store.  The scissors you have at home will work fine.  If you’re looking for florist scissors or pruning shears you’ll find a nice selection at Home Depot.  Amazon has Sakagen flower scissors available in a great assortment of colors.  You’ll find water-resistant aspidistra leaf ribbon at Afloral, Michaels and at Quick Candles.

Prep Work – 

Before we start to design your beautiful centerpiece we have a little prep work to do.

Florists in flower shopCutting the flower stems at a 45-degree angle is important. 

With scissors make a long 45-degree angle cut.  Cutting stems at an angle helps flowers and ivies absorb water.  If you don’t cut the stems at an angle, they sit on the bottom of the vase and can’t absorb water.  Flowers won’t last nearly as long if they’re not cut at an angle.

Next, remove the leaves from the stems.  Removing the leaves will keep your flowers fresh longer.  Leaves that sit in the water collect bacteria which can be damaging to the flowers.

Preparing your vase – 

  • Add the aspidistra leaves to a clean vase.  Take an aspidistra leaf, roll it in your hand in a circle shape and place the leaf inside the vase.  I used two leaves to line my vase.
  • Fill your vase two-thirds full with room temperature water.
  • Add the flower food packet that came with your fresh flowers to the water.
  • Next, tape the top of the vase in a crisscross pattern.  This will hold the stems in place.  Great florist shortcut to make your designs more professional.

 Design –

  • Add the larger blooms to the vase first.  I started with the yellow spider mums.Fall Festive DIY Centerpiece
  • Then add the medium and smaller blooms.  Next, I added the orange alstroemeria and deep red mini carnations.  
  • Add the greenery and ivy you’ve chosen.

Your centerpiece is beginning to take shape. 

It’s looking great! 

Continue to add the blooms and ivies to your centerpiece.  Vary the flowers and add height to the center.  Move the blooms if needed to get a nice full look.

If you’re looking for an arrangement with a longer life create a similar centerpiece with silk flowers or contact me and I’ll create a custom centerpiece for you!

You’re quite the designer! 

Enjoy the gorgeous centerpiece you’ve just created.

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