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DIY – Pretty Spring Tulips

Hello Friends,

Spring has arrived.  Oh.. how I love Spring!  Warmer weather, sunshine,

and oh yes — pretty Spring flowers.

Today let’s design a pretty arrangement of silk Spring Tulips.  It’s easy.  

Here’s an easy DIY Recipe for fun.

Let’s get started –

DIY Recipe for Fun – Spring Tulips

Makes:  One Beautiful Spring Tulips Arrangement


Supplies needed:

There are many stores online that carry a nice selection of vases and spring tulips.  Here are just a few,,, Pottery Barn, or your local craft store.

Let’s get started –

First, cut the dry floral foam to fit inside the vase you’ve chosen.  Use floral glue or hot glue to secure the foam in your vase.

Next, add loose green moss to cover the top of the foam.

It’s best to use steel florists picks when designing an artificial flower arrangement.  The pick helps hold the stem securely in place in the design.

Secure the base of the stems by placing the stem in the pick – then crimp the edges together as shown here.

Add a steel pick to all of the flower and ivy stems.



Begin the design by adding tulips in the floral foam.  Vary the height of the tulips and space an inch or so apart.

Add another spring tulip to your design.  Next, add fern leaves and ivies to your design.


I’m using a variety of ivies, sword-grass and baby fern leaves in this design.

Add a variety of ivies and leaves in the vase around the tulips.

Your design is beginning to take shape.  It’s looking great!

Continue to add greenery to give your design a nice full look.



Wow!!  You’re quite the designer.

Enjoy the centerpiece you’ve just created.  It’s gorgeous!





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